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Trattoria Marietta Gardone

Simply good!

Diese Trattoria möchte ich unbedingt erwähnen, denn hier gibt es eine der besten Pizzen vom Gardasee. Nicht diese „billig“ Pizzen, sondern ganz besonders belegt. Über verwinkelte kleine Gässchen erreicht man die Trattoria.


As you surely have already noticed, I am the absolute Italy freak. I love this country, this food, the climate, the beauty. All on the surface - I am the Hotel Angel and not a strict moralist. But unfortunately, the sad reality is that the tourists are often ripped off. The Restaurants think, "Well, they'll never come back anyway, I'll just produce cheaply to make as much as I can." It's silly, but unfortunately it happens. Thank God there are exceptions!

There's no such thing with me. The restaurants and hotels I mention here at the hotel angel blog are cool and in my opinion they do everything right.

To cut a long story short: The Trattoria Marietta is something very special. Located high up in a small village - Gardone - with a great view. Without a reservation you will not get a table. The furnishing is rustic, very tasteful but still modern. The water bottles are wrapped in beautiful paper and the wines come from the region. There you can also find my favorite wine from Cominciolli.

The pizzas (baked with sourdough) and the other dishes are great. The taste is amazing. The ingredients are from the region. Years of experience and awareness, respect for one's own roots - everything flows into this. 

Your Hotel Angel


Trattoria Marietta

Via Montecucco 78

Gardone Riviera (Brescia), Italien

Tel: +39 3777 08 16 22

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Trattoria Marietta Gardone

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