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Hotel Heureka Venedig

I can say that I am addicted to Venice.

Or that, more and more, local bakeries and other small shops have given way to the mostly horrible souvenir shops.

Nevertheless, this city is, and will always remain for me, the most beautiful in architecture, light, atmosphere and culture. No matter where I look, whether into a small backyard, up to a balcony, on a windowsill or down an alleyway - everything is just amazing for me.

Of course, I regularly visit the Venice Biennale. A few days of seeing breathtaking art and enjoying Venice! Simply wonderful.

For all those who are as crazy about extraordinary and interesting hotels as I am, I would like to recommend the Hotel Heureka. This hotel is located in Cannareggio, the other Venice, away from mass tourism. An oasis with oleanders, palm trees and a music room. It is a spacious 10-room hotel hidden away in an inconspicuous 16th century palazzo. Inside, the colours are bubbling. The weirdest fabrics and stone floors are used here for decor. I was totally amazed. The breakfast is ingenious. The egg dishes and coffee are prepared à la carte. Fresh fruit and ham are on the buffet. Small but nice. Everything, really everything in this hotel is thought out with love for detail.

Also, the district Cannareggio is located out of town with hardly any tourists - almost only local ones. One sees craftsmen, boatmen and students, of which there are only a few in this city. As everywhere in Italy, at night, life in Cannreggio takes place in the streets. Young people sit along the Canal; talking, eating small meals, and drinking wine. In Cannaregio one gets an idea of what life in Venice must have been like before mass tourism. The Hotel Angel is thrilled. Venice lovers will be too.

See you very soon. Your Angel!


E-Mail: post@hotel-heureka.com

+39 04152 46 460

Adress: Cannaregio 3534, 30121 Venedig, Italien


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Hotel Heureka Venedig

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