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Palazzo Giovanelli, Venice Canale Grande

Venice is passion, love and suffering...

I can't believe it, but I was in Venice again. Each of my visits to Venice in the last 30 years has been unique. The first of my visits I was much too young. Didn't even have the money to go to the Campanile. The next time, the wrong guy was with me!!! Then with a girlfriend who was only in drama... I am slowly improving. The last visit to Venice was full of love, passion, delicious drinks and joie de vivre. And the best thing: a super great hotel that deserves to be on my side.

 I was fascinated by the idea of visiting an almost deserted, lethargic Venice. A friend of mine - she was there at the end of June - sent me pictures of a St. Mark's Square in seemingly peaceful silence. I wanted to experience that, too.

Covid still has us humans firmly in its hands. Travelling is possible again. Some flights are now available, but people are still very reserved when it comes to travelling. There are hardly any overseas tourists.

It breaks my heart to see how few bookings the hotels currently have. In the Palazzo Giovanelli there were only 5 rooms booked. Also, the hotel in Munich where I work is as good as empty. The sparse bookings and a glance in the reservation system does not promise any improvement for the rest of 2020.

This time my hotel discovery trip led me to Palazzo Giovanelli. Located on the right side of the Canal Grande between the church San Stae and Ca`Pesaro, the former aristocratic residence is located. The many frescos, the colourful marble floors, the tasteful decorations, and the very impressive Murano chandeliers show you the splendour of the history of Venice. This is a charming, top renovated, high class 4-star hotel, where, in my opinion, everything fits. The most beautiful feature was the small footbridge leading right from the hotel to the Canal Grande... 

What are they doing right? The website is great, uncomplicated and authentic. In person it is just as beautiful as the images displayed on the site. You will not be fooled. There is no need to. The Palazzo is simply awesome!

Your Hotel Angel


Santa Croce, San Stae

2070 30135 Venice – Italy
T +39 041 5256040

Arrival: get off at S. Stae with vaporetto no. 1

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