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Hotel Belvedere Toscolano-Maderno

In Maclino schlägt das Herz höher!

Toscolano-Maderno is one of my favourite places. I feel deeply connected there and my heart beats faster whenever I visit. Toscolano-Maderno is situated on the western shore of Lake Garda between Gargnano and Salò. 

The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful. Around Lake Garda, Mediterranean woods such as Mediterranean cypresses, oleanders, cedars, olive trees and palm trees dominate the landscape. Lake Garda is famous for its orangeries (Limonaia), where lemons and oranges were once cultivated.

Dort entdeckte ich vor vielen Jahren das kleine Familienhotel Belvedere. Das Belvedere liegt etwas weiter oben am Berg in dem kleinen Dörfchen mit dem namen Maclino. Und dort ist der Blick über den See großartig. 

The hotel rooms are totally sweet and absolutely sufficient for an authentic, typical Italian holiday. I also really like the breakfast buffet. The “cotto” (Italian cold cuts) is freshly sliced. Only a few kinds of very fresh ham and cheese (and no loveless sausage plates where the edges are already dried up) are served. Fresh local fruits like figs or peaches are also offered. 

The family hotel has existed for 100 years. Since the 80's, the siblings Francesco and Luca have been cooking traditional family recipes at the stove, alongside their mother. The restaurant presents the best that regional Italian cuisine has to offer, mostly local specialties. Of course, pasta and desserts are prepared fresh every day. 

In the village, word has gotten around that the mayor is a regular guest in the restaurant. After all, there is the old gastronomic rule: where the locals eat - that's where it's good! 

continued. It is the “typical Italian”. The honest cooking. They stick to what they know! They remain authentic. They use excellent ingredients. They refuse to sell inferior goods to their guests. They keep the mood light and laugh a lot. 

In the last two years, the family has expanded its marketing activities. For example, they are present on Booking.com and the hotel website has been beautifully optimised. Even, as here, the business seems to run itself, it is very important to keep your finger on the pulse of time. 

Best regards. Your Hotel Angel!   



Belvedere Villa Hotel Restaurant

Familie Perine
Via Maclino, 6 – 25080
Toscolano Maderno (Brescia) Gardasee

Tel: +39 0365 64121





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Hotel Belvedere Toscolano-Maderno

In Maclino schlägt das Herz höher! Toscolano-Maderno gehört zu meinen Lieblingsorten. Dort bin ich verwurzelt und mein Herz schlägt höher, wenn ich dort bin. Toscolano-Maderno

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