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The Zirmerhof

Yes! Here I am again. What can I do?

What can I do? It's like a magnet for me to go there to find peace. This time in winter at the turn of the year 2019/ 2020.

The historic hotel, once an ancient farmhouse, has preserved its incomparable, authentic flair. High up, at 1.400 m on the Radein high plateau, it takes my breath away every time I let my gaze wander across to the Pitztal Alps.

Hoch oben, auf 1400m am Radeiner Hochplateau gelegen, verschlägt es mir jedes Mal den Atem wenn ich meinen Blick zu den Pitztaler Alpen schweifen lasse.

Time flies - and yet stands still.

Here the Zirmerhof is situated. The hotel is also very beautiful to look at. The mixture of historical rooms and modern extensions is simply stunning. As exquisite a taste as I have ever seen. Chapeau to the architects!

The grandmother, back then still a farmer's wife, first opened a few rooms in 1890 for the "fresh air people" from the city. Well-known personalities such as artists and Nobel Prize winners found peace and relaxation there – and still to this day. 

The hotelier family, Perwanger, are full professionals in the hotel business. For generations, they have been dedicated to the well-being of the holidaymakers. In their restaurant, South Tyrolean family recipes are prepared, of course to the highest standard.

Not to forget, the breeding of their own highland cattle... Over time, all of this has grown. It has been operated on a highly professional level for many, many years.

It is of course a dream to inherit such a fantastic hotel. Perhaps, blessing and curse at the same time. To maintain it, further develop it and keep up with the times, while still preserving the traditional, requires a lot of intuition and courage.

But here too it can be said: "He who does not advertise, dies!" The hotel was recommended to me by my brother, who has a very refined taste. My brother, in turn, went there with a good friend. Good products tend to make a name for themselves. But that's not enough. The competition has become too stiff.

By chance I noticed that the Perwangers had created the brand, "Idyllic Places". Idyllic Places is a household name to me. However, I didn’t know that it originated from the makers of Zirmerhof.

"Idyllic Places" is a marketing association made up of around 15 idyllic hotels in South Tyrol, Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All of these hotels combine tradition with a contemporary way of life. I think the idea is quite clever. An advertising association at a very high level. The marketing costs for brochures, newsletters, advertisements, websites etc., are shared by the members, while mutually promoting each other. As Hotel Angel I would like to say that I can only congratulate the makers of "Idyllic Places"! There are always special ideas for special hotels at Hotel Angel. Just give me a call.

Besondere Ideen für besondere Hotels gibt’s immer beim Hotel Angel. Rufen Sie mich an wenn Sie Inspiration brauchen! Ich freue mich!

Fotoquelle: Kirsten Gnüge und Zirmerhof

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