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Here I show inspirations, my favourite destinations, lonely places of well-being or the most beautiful sea views. 

Are casualness and chic necessarily mutually exclusive? What gets hoteliers excited? What is special? How does it feel?....

This is where I present my favourite hotels and - how could it be otherwise - as an advertising woman I take a close look at what is being done in terms of advertising and marketing measures - or not. Just for inspiration. The hotelangel stands for high quality, premium and valuable content.

Kirsten Gnüge

The Zirmerhof

Yes! Da bin ich wieder. Was will man da machen… Es ist wie ein Magnet für mich dort hinzufahren, um Ruhe zu finden. Diesmal im

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Sukhothai Bangkok

Last year I went to Bangkok with my 16-year-old daughter. It was a big, long-awaited trip that was finally taking place. We stayed at the Sukhothai Hotel.

Trattoria Marietta Gardone

I would like to mention this trattoria in any case, as here, one of the best pizzas of the Lake Garda are available. Not these cheap pizzas, but very special topped. Over winding small alleyways, one gets to the trattoria.

Hotel Heureka Venedig

I can say that I am addicted to Venice. I love this city and always will. Even if a lot of things have happened there that I don't like at all. For example, the fact that big cruise ships are allowed to pull up to St. Mark’s Square.

The Savoy London

Schönheit, Luxus und Glamour! Dieses Hotel ist für mich nach wie vor etwas sehr Besonderes. Nachdem ich meine klassische Hotelfach Ausbildung im Jahre 1991 beendete,

Hotel Belvedere Toscolano-Maderno

In Maclino schlägt das Herz höher! Toscolano-Maderno gehört zu meinen Lieblingsorten. Dort bin ich verwurzelt und mein Herz schlägt höher, wenn ich dort bin. Toscolano-Maderno

Marketing Tip 1 (April 2020)

Mit dem richtigen Schlüssel in der Hand kann man alle Türen öffnen. Wir schreiben das Jahr 2020 im April. Derzeit haben wir den kompletten Shutdown